Free Zone

Uruguay due to its strategic location in South America is the natural Logistic entrance to the region. Cargo Center Logistics has the key to open Foreign Trade opportunities.

At Cargo Center Logistics we provide an all around complete service when it comes to Free Zones. We strive to guide our clients about the different business opportunities that the Free Zone regimen permits (law 15.921). Benefits that go from a financial level, customs and taxes, and jurisdictional laws that is ideal for installments of RDC (Regional Distribution Centers) in Uruguay.

Cargo Center Logistics through its day to day presence in all mayor Free Zones in addition to strategic agreements with direct providers, offers a complete one company service for its clients. Some of these services include: Consultancy, Storage in Free Zone Warehouses, Added Value to Merchandise at Free Zones, Trading, RDC, Re-Shipments and Triangulations, Viability Studies and Analysis for regional and international business in Free Zones.

Some Benefits:

• Total Tax Exemptions, this covers existent national taxes and those to be created.
• Total Custom Exemptions for all merchandise introduced to free zone territory.
• Industrial, Commercial and Service Free Zones.
• Free movement of financial capitals and its utilities.
• Storage of merchandise with no time limit.
• Strategic location for RDC developments.
• Re-packing, fractioning and modification of merchandise.
• Add value of merchandise while in free zone territory.
• Uruguay is a stable democratic and financial country.

We are always looking for new business opportunities for our clients. Consult us about the possible benefits, potential growth and viability of using Free Zones for your business. Uruguay as a Logistic HUB is your starting point for growth in the region.

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