Industrial & Logistics Parks

Industrial and Logistics Parks in Uruguay are having an important growth, especially due to the development of highly added value projects.

Example of these parks that are already functioning and those that are in development are EastZone Industrial Park, Cerro PTI and Industrial Park Las Piedras. These new logistic platforms provide a more global opportunity of developing niche and added value products.

Some Benefits:
• Foreign investments will receive by law same treatment as national investments.
• Promotional and Protectoral investment agreements with over 27 countries.
• Promotional and Protectoral Investment Law that benefits of up to 100% in taxations.
• Capacity of using Custom Warehousing with exonerations of custom fees, import or export taxes.
• Projects could either be assigned as investments or projects of national interest depending on its importance, growth plans and investments.

Through import taxation exemptions and governmental support the Industrial and Logistic Parks are a center of growth in the Foreign Trade industry.

Cargo Center Logistics provides guides and consultancy in commercial matters, financial and international business projections for those clients that want to explore the benefits of installing their industry on these logistic platforms. We strive to be your partner in the development of these opportunities.

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