Sea & Air Port Free Zones

Uruguay is the only country in South America that counts with both sea and air port free zones, this under the free seaport law Nº 16246.

Located in the middle of the Atlantic-Pacific logistic corridor and with access to the main regional markets with an influential of 250 million habitants, position these specific free zones as the most natural RDC in the region.

Cargo Center Logistics counts with exclusive personal to guide, consult and analyze the benefits of using sea and air port free zones. We have preferable agreements with the different seaport and airport operators for a fast response, efficient and cost effective in order for your operation to be a success.

Some Benefits:

• RDC (Regional Distribution Center) as if it were an extension of client´s warehouse.
• Free cargo movement within seaport and airport.
• Complete logistic services.
• Storage and custody for high value merchandise.
• Free Taxation.
• Add value to the goods is permitted within ports.
• Storage of merchandise with no time limit.
• Merchandise while in sea and air port territory is exempt of all taxes and customs fees.
• Merchandise does not lose its Mercosur tariff preferences even when fractioned.

The legal frameworks by which the seaport and airport function are one of a kind in its competitiveness, permitting its companies to optimize logistic costs while operating at a strategic location for the region and the world.

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