Air Freight

Cargo Center Logistics through the years in market, experience and responsibility of its staff, added to its professionalism provides first class quality air & logistics freight services. We have representation in all major airports around the world thanks to our partnership with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics in addition to preferable agreements with all airlines for secured cargo space.

We provide consultancy services for all your foreign trade operations concerning air freight and combinations. Our know-how in air freight, being either import or export is always available for our clients.

Air Freight Services:

• Agents in all major imports around the world.
• Direct or consolidated shipments to and from all destinations and origins.
• Management and experience in all regular cargo such as textiles, leather, spare parts and machinery.
• Pharmaceuticals
• Perishables and Food Related Cargo
• Dangerous Goods
• Beneficial agreements with all airlines; passenger, cargo, charters
• Information and follow up on all shipments.
• Deconsolidation and fast turnaround on documents for dispatch
• Consultancy and know-how available for all customers.

Certified members of IATA (International Air Transport Association), FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations), AUDACA (Uruguayan Association of Air Freight Forwarders).

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